Our principles of work

We have been working on custom orders since 2013.

During this time, we have implemented about 300 different projects and "marked on the map" more than 150 cities.
We started our creative activity in 2009, but it took quite a while to learn the basics,

and then turn a hobby into a favorite work.

One of our main principles is the continuous improvement of our skills.

Therefore, we always try to take on the most interesting and complex projects.

If we are working on a replica of an item from a movie or game, we try to do it as accurately as possible. No matter how difficult it is in the process, the result should please you and us!

We are very careful about tailoring according to individual measurements, so if you order something from us, you will receive a questionnaire from us. And for your convenience, we wrote an entire article on how to correctly take measurements.

And remember, we are always in touch to help you! :)


We use your personal data (name, address and telephone number) ONLY for the delivery.

Since we work mainly on order, our regular order queue usually ranges from 6 to 8 months

(sometimes more, sometimes we have free “windows” for small orders between large ones).

Therefore, before buying, please contact us to clarify when your order can be completed.

An individual approach requires more time: to study references, search for the necessary materials, work with patterns,

but the result is worth it!


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