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This mask was made for the stage character of our friend Faye Odobescu in our project «Venture to your Dream».

Especially for this mask was made master model forming on the individual sizes of a project participant, considering all his wishes, including the brow line underestimated due to the need to wear a mask with the cylinder. Materials for it served: veg-tanned leather 2.4-2.7 mm (6-7 oz), cattle leather 1.0-1.2 mm and 0.8-0.9 mm sheepskin.

The mask is extended from a single piece of leather and has a single connecting seam on the bottom of the beak, which slotted for breathing. To make the image of completeness, and mask - convenience, sewn along the edge of soft sheepskin, which imitates bird goiter and passing in framing mask covering his forehead and hair.

The mask has 5 fixing points, ensuring a comfortable and quite a tight fit on the head that allows you to freely tilt your head and talk without any difficulty. At the heart of the concept lies crow skull, so after we have completed forming stamping anatomical features such as eyebrows, cheekbones, nasal bone, nasal openings and comb beak, followed by painting of an old bone. In addition, the added nuances such as pits, ducts and grooves. I

Leather mask The Plague Raven

Eye color
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