It's our replica of Jon Snow leather brigandine and bracers from seasons 7 and 8 (black).

It's made of genuine leather:
• basis - pigskin 0,9 mm
• plates - cowhide 2,5 mm
• outer part - cowhide 1,2-1,4 mm
• leather straps for edges - sheepskin 0,6-0,7 mm

To make this brigandine we needed 191 plates, more 800 rivets, 36 ft of leather straps and about 88+ hours of work.

This brigandine we made inspired by seasons 7 and 8, but we can make another version, if needed.

NOTE If you want to split the payment into several parts (no more than four), please let us know about it and we will post several individual orders for you. :)

Jon Snow black leather armor (replica)