Here you can see the most accurate replica of Ragnar Lothbrok leather jacket from TV series "Vikings".

We made this jacket from soft and durable goat-skin and a thin cowhide as a basis.
For the overlay we used 1,2 mm cow leather. Form of overlay is pretty specific. It has 15 figured cuts and 2 parts - front and back, which sewn in two shoulder seams. Braided pattern most closely follows the version of the series.
Overlay and outward parts stitched together and with a basis via thin leather straps.

There is a lacing on a sides, starting on the sleeve and to the waist. Thus, two cuts are formed on the sides, so the jacket does not hinder the movements.

Note that the belt, horn, and bags are not included. On questions of purchase, please contact us. :)

Inspired Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket