Here you can see the first and only most accurate replica of Aragorn's gray shirt.

100% linen shirt. Great for medieval feasts, LOTR cosplay and LARP.

It has an unusual shaped yoke with a neck hole small enough that when the shirt is tied, the collar rolls up to the neck so it appears to be a collar.
The yoke is finished with hand embroidered "X"s along the yoke seam (on the yoke side).

The yoke finishes square, about an 1"-2" down the shoulder. Sleeves aren't set in, they are square, there is no gusset. The extra movement room comes from the gathering of the body of the shirt.
The body of the shirt is lightly gathered into the yoke both front and back.

The shirt is open in front to mid chest. It has two ties of nylon cord. The end of the slit is finished with a patch about 1"-1,5" square that is top stitched into place.

The sleeves themselves are a fairly loose tube. They are sewn closed up to the wrist. There are a double pare of cords sewn in at this point. The sleeve then extend another 3"-3,5" inches over his hand. There is no seam showing there, so the fabric double back all the way to the wrist, forming a cuff.

At the top of the sleeve there is a complex pattern of smocking. This is a separate piece from the sleeves. It is a rectangle piece of fabric and does not go all around the sleeve. The under part of the sleeve is again plain fabric that has been stitched to the smocking piece.

When ordering, we sew a shirt according to your measurements.
Please keep in mind that we need some time for making your order.

Inspired Aragorn Gray Shirt / Strider's Shirt

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