Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket (replica)


Here you can see the most accurate replica of Ragnar Lothbrok leather jacket from TV series “Vikings”, that we finally had a chance to make. 

:) (Smile)


We made this jacket from soft and durable goat-skin and a thin cowhide as a basis. For the overlay we used 1,2 mm cow leather. Form of overlay is pretty specific. It has 15 figured cuts and 2 parts – front and back, which sewn in two shoulder seams. Braided pattern most closely follows the version of the series. Overlay and outward parts stitched together and with a basis via thin leather straps.

There is a lacing on a sides, starting on the sleeve and to the waist. Thus, two cuts are formed on the sides, so the jacket does not hinder the movements.

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