Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher) – August 2015

According to your numerous requests we started to sew shoes on pads  

:) (Smile)

Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher)

When we creating this replica, we took as the basis the Geralt’s boots from the first part of PC game “The Witcher”. As a material we used chrome tanning leather 3,0-3,5 oz.

Capes bilayer, heel cushions glued between layers of upper and lining. Bootlegs was sewed from two parts than lapels were volumetric as on a gaming model.

The sole is attached to the top of the welt-adhesive method, heels recruited from three layers of leather. To improve the wear resistance of the soles put on prevention, and on the heels – heeltap.

In the game model boots have decorative elements – straps covering the rise, we have fixed to the sole and straps with buckles under the lapel, which allows, if necessary, adjust the landing leg shaft.

:) (Smile)

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