Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan (Star Wars) – October 2014


As you remember, we recently launched a creative noncommercial project «Venture to your Dream».

And the first participant of this project was our friend Maria Kitaeva, recently joined the ranks of the Rebel Legion Outpost Ruusan, working closely with the 501st Legion .

Maria suggested that we bring to life a character from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic – Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, and we gladly agreed to help her in the context of our project. 

This probe's for you!

Our work was complicated by the fact that the above organization very seriously in the question of the admission of new members, demanding much to replicas of the costumes of the Star Wars universe . Therefore, all cadets when joining the Legion should send detailed photos of his costume to officer of his Outpost to test for reliability and accuracy. In particular suit should fully comply with the canons, specify Lucasfilm Ltd.  when creating the famous Saga.

We have tried to reflect the most complex aspects of the work in the master class, which you can read here.

And now, after several months of selection of necessary materials, discussions, sewing, waiting for a response and correction officers of the Legion, we can proudly present to you the result of our long painstaking work.

Cosplayer – Maria Kitaeva.


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