Handmade Leather Heraldic Diary “Game of Thrones”: Stark, Lannister, Clegane, Baratheon,

The collection consists of 5 unique diaries created at different times in 2013 -2014.

House Stark: size diary 3,9×5,9 inches. Especially for this diary was selected leather, imitates the wolf fur. Heraldic wolf’s head is made by hand resistant acrylic.


House Lannister: size diary 3,9×5,9 inches. To create this diary, we chose black and red leather, which was given to the effects of aging. Heraldic lion applied by hand steadfast acrylic.


House Clegane: size diary 3,9×5,9 inches. To highlight the the characteristic features of this house we give to leather effect of coarse linen texture, and then create an additional simulated dirt stains on it. Heraldic symbol applied by hand steadfast acrylic.


House Baratheon: size diary format Metric Large Crown 8vo (about 7,8×4,9 inches). For this diary we chose a minimalist design, so the cover is decorated with heraldic deer only, and the skin is only slightly tinted to the edges in an orange hue.


House Targaryen: diary format Metric Large Crown 8vo (about 7,8×4,9 inches). In creating this diary, we also adhere to minimalism. However, given the format of diary, we thought it appropriate to supplement the heraldic symbol of the slogan of the house.


Block of each diary sewn and trimmed by hand. Number of pages, size diary and option symbols can be changed at your request.

The price is for the manufacture of such a diary. If you have additional suggestions, leave a request for the production of a particular order!

Available on Etsy!

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