Details of the suit “Bone Warden” – September 2014

Leather gloves from the set:

Veg-tanned leather 3 mm (7-8 oz), black leather (cattle, 1-1.2 mm), forming, stamping, painting, varnishing.

The concept is taken from flexion Plate historical analogies.

Basis are full leather long gloves to the elbow. It fixed elements movably interconnected, including bracer with lacing providing a tight fit on the arm.

Leather boots from the set:

Made of genuine leather. Three-layer sole, heel inlaid, molded sewn capes, knuckles, the heel. High boots, knee-length, lace-up (in front). Shin molded from vegetable tanned leather, have laces at the back. Additional pads fastened with laces, close it and provide mobility of the foot when walking.

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